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General Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Board Game Box! We have drawn up these General Terms and Conditions (T&C for short) with the intention of informing you about how to use our website and about how to rent or buy one or more of our products. We are open to all suggestions and questions (see contact details under point 1.1)



1. General Provisions

2. Registriation Process

3. Renting Games

4. Purchasing Games

5. Storing and Accessing the Orders

6. Pricing

7. Shipping and Terms of Delivery

8. Due Date of the Purchase Price and Payment

9. Retention of title

10. Defects

11. Money Back Guarantee

12. Severability Clause

13. Place of Performance, Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction


1.    General Provisions

1.1  Scope of these T&C and is an online shop from Board Game Box GmbH, Adalbert-Stifter-Weg 5, 77652 Offenburg. If you have any remarks or comments, you can contact us at the above address or via e-mail at

These T&C apply to the website of Board Game Box GmbH under the domain name of ("platform" for short) and to Germany and European Union (EU) in geographical terms. The T&C form the contractual basis for the use of the platform, as well as deliveries to consumers as defined in Article 2 b) of the EU Directive 93/13/EEC and they regulate the general use of the platform, the conclusion, content, implementation and termination of a lease or subscriptions, and the purchase of games from Board Game Box GmbH.

The use of the platform as well as the rental, purchase and delivery of the games shall be based exclusively on these T&C. The current version of these T&C can be found online and can be printed or saved as a pdf. We can send you older versions on request by e-mail.

1.2  General Information on the Use of the Platform

The platform and the content published on this website may only be used for the intended purposes. Unless explicitly specified otherwise on the platform, this purpose is to provide information about the rental or purchase of games.

You must first register online before hiring or purchasing a game from Board Game Box GmbH.

The contractual language is German.

2.    Registration Process

It is mandatory for a Customer to register on the site before they can place an order (leasse or purchase). Only Users who are of full age (adult) and not limited in their legal capacity may register.

By registering, the User is obliged to ensure that his personal information always up to date. The Customer undertakes to keep his personal password that was allocated to him during the registration process or self-created, confidential at all times and to never disclose it or make it accessible to a third party.

3.    Renting Games

Once the User has successfully registered online, he can rent out any number of games at any time for a one-off rental period of 20 days (excluding the usual postal delivery time). The Customer is obliged to pay the rental price plus shipping, to look after the game(s) with due care and to return of the game(s) within the specified time. The game(s) will be shipped upon receipt of the rental fee plus shipping (incl. return postage). At the end of the rental period, the Customer can either book the game(s) for an extended period (no additional shipping charge) or send the game(s) back.

4.    Purchasing Games

Once the Customer has placed an order and it is accepted by Board Game Box GmbH, this forms a binding contract between the Customer and Board Game Box GmbH on the basis described below.

By displaying the games, we are not committed to a legally binding contract, but only to a non-binding invitation to the Consumer to order our games. It is only once the Customer has completed his order of the games he wants that he submits a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract for these games.

The page on which the Customer can submit his order by clicking on the button, summarises the contents of the order once again. The Customer therefore has the opportunity of checking the input and correcting it if necessary, because by using the navigation areas of the Internet browser or the corresponding navigation functions on our website, the Customer can go to the page on which the information was recorded. Furthermore, the order process can be interrupted at any time by closing the browser.

An acknowledgement of receipt is automatically generated and considered to be a confirmation of the order, but it is still is not an acceptance of the offer. We can accept the order by sending a shipping confirmation by e-mail, or by delivering the games ordered. If BGB AG is to reject an order, it must do so in writing via e-mail.

5.    Storing and Accessing the Orders

The content of the order appears immediately in the browser before it is completed. The page can be printed via the corresponding functions of the browser, or it can be saved. In addition, once you have completed your order, we will send you an e-mail, which shows the contents of the order once more. This e-mail can also be printed out or saved. Finally, we log the order in the User’s account (profile), which he can view after logging in.

The current T&C with the basic provisions relating to the orders can be viewed at any time on our website. In addition we will send our T&C by e-mail on request.

6.    Pricing

The prices shown at the time the order was placed apply. The prices indicated are in Swiss francs including VAT and customs. Unless free delivery has been agreed upon, there are additional costs for packaging and shipping (including return postage for rental orders). All prices and publication dates are subject to change.

7.    Shipping and Terms of Delivery

Unless agreed otherwise in the ordering process, we only deliver our games to addresses in Germany and European Union (EU).

The delivery times are agreed with the customer in the specific supply agreement. Board Game Box GmbH is entitled to extend the delivery time if a force majeure or circumstances beyond its control delay the delivery. If a delivery is delayed this does not entitle the Customer to claim for compensation.

8.    Due Date of the Purchase Price and Payment

The purchase price is payable immediately subject to a later payment deadline agreed when placing the order or notified with the delivery of the goods. We can process payments by credit or debit card accordingly when the order is place. We do not accept cash or cheques.

We offer different payment methods for the payment of the rental or purchase price, these are displayed during the checkout process. The Customer can choose between these payment options during the ordering process.

9.    Retention of Title

The game remains our property until the payment of the price at the time of the purchase is paid in full. On the rental side, the game remains our property at all times. The Customer is responsible for taking the necessary measures to protect the property. If there are any damages or missing pieces to a game that has been rented out, Board Game Box GmbH reserves the right to assert claims for compensation.

10.   Defects

The Customer has to check the goods immediately after receipt, within a maximum of 5 days, and notify Board Game Box GmbH of any defects in writing. This correspondence is to be accompanied by the delivery note. If this does not happen, it shall be deemed that the Customer has accepted the goods.

11.   Money Back Guarantee

Board Game Box GmbH grants the purchaser the right to return the goods within 14 days after delivery. The date shown on the delivery note applies in this instance. The game must be returned in full in its original packaging in perfect and unused condition, along with a copy of the invoice (or delivery note). The Customer shall bear the postage for the return. If the game is not in perfect condition when it is returned, Board Game Box GmbH reserves the right to assert claims for compensation.

12.   Severability Clause

If any of the individual provisions of these T&C are deemed to be null and void and/or ineffective in whole or in part, the validity and/or effectiveness of the remaining provisions or parts of such provisions remains unaffected. The invalid and/or ineffective provisions shall be replaced with provisions that most closely reflect the meaning and purpose of the invalid or ineffective provisions in a legally effective manner. The same applies to any loopholes in the regulation.

13.   Place of Performance, Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

The place of performance is the registered office of Board Game Box GmbH at Adalbert-Stifter-Weg 5 in Offenburg. The legal relationship of the parties is subject to German law. Any disputes should be settled by mutual agreement when ever possible. If an amicable settlement is not reached, the competent court shall decide the outcome in the ordinary procedure. The court of jurisdiction is Offenburg or the place of residence of the Customer.